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Descriptor English:   Coombs Test 
Descriptor Spanish:   prueba de Coombs 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Teste de Coombs 
Synonyms English:   Anti Human Globulin Consumption Test
Anti-Human Globulin Consumption Test
Antiglobulin Consumption Test
Antiglobulin Consumption Tests
Antiglobulin Test
Antiglobulin Test, Direct
Antiglobulin Test, Indirect
Antiglobulin Tests
Antiglobulin Tests, Direct
Antiglobulin Tests, Indirect
Antihuman Globulin Consumption Test
Consumption Test, Antiglobulin
Consumption Tests, Antiglobulin
Coomb Test
Coomb's Test
Coombs Test, Direct
Coombs Test, Indirect
Coombs' Test
Direct Antiglobulin Test
Direct Antiglobulin Tests
Direct Coombs Test
Indirect Antiglobulin Test
Indirect Antiglobulin Tests
Indirect Coombs Test
Test, Antiglobulin
Test, Antiglobulin Consumption
Test, Coombs
Test, Coombs'
Test, Direct Antiglobulin
Test, Direct Coombs
Test, Indirect Antiglobulin
Test, Indirect Coombs
Tests, Antiglobulin
Tests, Antiglobulin Consumption
Tests, Direct Antiglobulin
Tests, Indirect Antiglobulin  
Tree Number:   E01.370.225.812.735.050.375.150
Definition English:   A test to detect non-agglutinating ANTIBODIES against ERYTHROCYTES by use of anti-antibodies (the Coombs' reagent.) The direct test is applied to freshly drawn blood to detect antibody bound to circulating red cells. The indirect test is applied to serum to detect the presence of antibodies that can bind to red blood cells. 
Indexing Annotation English:   for erythrocytes only: for lymphocytes consider HISTOCOMPATIBILITY TESTING or CYTOTOXICITY TESTS, IMMUNOLOGIC
History Note English:   2013 (1966) 
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