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Descriptor English:   Correction of Hearing Impairment 
Descriptor Spanish:   corrección de la deficiencia auditiva 
Descriptor Portuguese:   Correção de Deficiência Auditiva 
Synonyms English:   Audiologic Habilitation
Audiologic Habilitations
Audiologic Rehabilitation
Audiologic Rehabilitations
Auditory Perception Correction
Auditory Perception Corrections
Aural Habilitation
Aural Habilitations
Aural Rehabilitation
Aural Rehabilitations
Correction of Auditory Perception
Correction of Hearing Loss
Habilitation of Hearing Impaired
Habilitation of Hearing Impairment
Habilitation, Audiologic
Habilitation, Aural
Habilitations, Audiologic
Habilitations, Aural
Hearing Impaired Habilitation
Hearing Impaired Habilitations
Hearing Impaired Rehabilitation
Hearing Impairment Correction
Hearing Impairment Corrections
Hearing Impairment Habilitation
Hearing Impairment Habilitations
Hearing Impairment Rehabilitation
Hearing Impairment Rehabilitations
Hearing Loss Correction
Hearing Loss Corrections
Impaired Habilitation, Hearing
Impaired Habilitations, Hearing
Impairment Correction, Hearing
Impairment Corrections, Hearing
Impairment Habilitation, Hearing
Impairment Habilitations, Hearing
Impairment Rehabilitation, Hearing
Impairment Rehabilitations, Hearing
Loss Correction, Hearing
Loss Corrections, Hearing
Perception Correction, Auditory
Perception Corrections, Auditory
Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired
Rehabilitation of Hearing Impairment
Rehabilitation, Audiologic
Rehabilitation, Aural
Rehabilitation, Hearing Impaired
Rehabilitations, Audiologic
Rehabilitations, Aural  
Tree Number:   E02.760.169.063.500.200
Definition English:   Procedures for correcting HEARING DISORDERS. 
Indexing Annotation English:   general or unspecified; prefer specifics; coordinate IM with type of hearing disorder/ rehabil (IM)
History Note English:   2013; (1998); use Rehabilitation of Hearing Impaired 2000-2012 
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